Are you taking the time to care of YOU?

Here at Blackout, we prioritize getting you strong safely,
but we have a lot of fun in the process!


Sounds familiar?

  • So you're not new to this exercise thing, but you're not sure how to advance your fitness?
  • All you overextended, busy mommas out there, are you taking time to invest in yourself and your body?
  • You feel aimless in your strength training and are tired of relying on perusing Google for "at-home strength workouts"?
  • You have movement milestones you want to reach but are unsure of how to get there?
  • You've wanted to give boxing a try but are afraid it may be too intense?

We can help!

We know you have a lot on your plate. Just show up for an hour and
we'll take care of the rest! ✨


At Blackout…

  • We help you push beyond self-doubt.
  • We will not let the fear of failure stop you from getting started.
  • We will be your own accountability partner.


You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Fitness Journey?

We keep it simple. Each 55-minute group class has enough strength to keep you strong and flexible while giving you enough cardio to keep you lean and not skinny fat... You’ll learn how to:

  • Excel at evolving your fitness tool chest with new movements
  • Continuously learn and make progress towards your goals
  • Lift, box, and row with reassurance and confidence

What Do We Do In Blackout...


We Lift.

Strength is NEVER a weakness! We use kettlebells, barbells… doesn’t matter the tool. We get Strong first! And no, we don’t always lift “heavy”. In the words of Pavel, we teach you how to “make light weight feel heavy”.


We Box.

Why we box? Because being in fighting trim is NEVER the wrong choice, even if you never plan to fight! Boxing is the PERFECT fat loss compliment to your strength training.


We Row.

Ok… so technically we ERG. We use all of the concept 2 machines (Row, Bike, Ski) because they give us an unbelievable conditioning workout without the constant pounding of running. ERG all day!


Individualized Attention Meets Group Motivation



  • Up to 2 Blackout sessions per week
  • Discounted InBody Body Scan 



  • Up to 3 Blackout sessions per week
  • Complimentary InBody Body Scan
  • 25% discount on all challenges

Best Results Possible


  • Unlimited Blackout sessions per week
  • 24/7 Access to Tysons Playground
  • Monthly InBody Body Scan
  • Complimentary Blackout workshop

We can change your life if you let us.

Are you ready to take the next step and evolve fitness?
We've got you covered! 🔥


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